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Eat well and healthy

Thinking about what to eat??? We want to eat well and eat healthy. How do we do that? The American diet is the second worse diet in the world. The only country that beats the US for winner of worst diet is Mexico. How can we eat well and eat healthy, when the media is bombarding us with advertisements for food like products and report it’s healthy. Processed food is not whole food. It is not good for you.

These products are loaded with things most of us cannot even pronounce and they expect us to eat it, and most of the time we do. Because the food companies report it is healthy, nutritious and good for you. Don’t believe it. If you want to eat well and eat healthy, start by reading the labels of every product you pick up. If you can’t pronounce it, put it back. It’s not real food. If it has more than than 5 ingredients, it is not real food. It’s a food like substance made in a mass produced factory. So let’s start here:

Buying fresh fruits and vegetables, if you cant get fresh, buy frozen and yes made in a factory but minimum processed. This is the first step in eating well and eating healthy. Plan your meals

Make a list of items before going shopping or ordering your groceries for the week. If you are a compulsive buyer, ordering you groceries online and picking up the order is a better option and reduces the risk of buying the yuk food. Plan a day to prep for meals for the week. This saves a lot of time and energy and more likely will be successful at eating well and eat healthy.

Ask friends or loved ones to join and share ideas, recipes.

Make a text chain to help each other stay motivated. Grow vegetables when in season

Find a farm market for fresh options.

Follow this page for ideas on good health, eating well and eating healthy


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